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C&S LegalTech provides IT solutions tailored for the legal environment.  In addition to software support, we can now provide network and hardware support services. By utilizing C&S LegalTech for all your IT support in combination with your software support, you can avoid the duplicate efforts and the finger-pointing between vendors.  One call whether it’s software or hardware.
In 2009 we added Network Support  and partnered with Teklnks, a leading provider of I.T. and managed services, to offer cloud-based computing solutions.  You may have heard the term “cloud” used frequently in reference to computers.  In fact, it would probably be difficult not to have heard it, as it’s become one of the biggest buzzwords in technology. 
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) provides their definition of Cloud Computing: 

Wikipedia defines the Private Cloud as follows:

We are now able to provide the following services to our customers and provide a total turn-key solution.

IT Solutions


Let us handle your network management and monitoring needs.  We can provide monthly support agreements to cover virtually everything - servers, desktops, windows updates, anti-virus updates, checking log files to head off potential problems, employee questions and more.  Monitoring and preventative maintenance - before you have a problem. 

Managed IT Services:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Workstation Monitoring
  • Online backup solutions

Hardware Support - Computers, servers, printers, scanners and other miscellaneous hardware including setup, installation and troubleshooting.

Network Consulting - Peer-to-peer, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 server, Exchange Server, Remote Access solutions, Backup Systems and more.

Systems Administration & Support - We are available to handle all issues involved in user maintenance, mail administration, printing requirements, network resource monitoring, upgrades, maintenance patches and other technical related administration tasks that might otherwise distract our clients from their main business purpose - practicing law.

Help Desk - When trouble strikes or computer questions arise, C&S LegalTech is there to help.  Whether assisting a secretary or paralegal with a software problem or a traveling attorney with remote access, C&S LegalTech stands ready and competent with efficient solutions to your computing needs.

Online Backup Solutions



We offer affordable cloud services for your business.  What does that mean?  Instead of having to purchase and manage your own server, you can rent a “virtual server” in our cloud.  We create your own private virtual servers where all your databases, documents, and business applications reside, based on your needs.  And our cloud servers are scalable, so if your business needs more resources, we can easily allocate additional resources and increase the rent for the services you need. 

The use of cloud servers can also mean access to your important files and documents remotely and securely.  Your data is managed and backed up by us and always available.  Your business is more mobile, agile and versatile.
Advantages of our Private Cloud Solution:

  • Scalable to meet changes in need
       - Pay only for what you need
       - Additional users at per user cost
       - Reduce user cost easily
       - Quickly and easily expand storage space or RAM
  • Hosted Exchange
       - All the advantages of full exchange
       - No maintenance or backup worries
  • No cost to upgrade to newer versions
  • Access from anywhere with multiple devices
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Disaster Recovery Protection
  • Protection from power outages and spikes in building

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There was a time when your company could do without email. Now, it’s probably more important than the phone. Email, calendars, and contacts are critical to your way of conducting business on a daily basis. Exchange gives you the stability, flexibility, and portability that you need to use email most efficiently. Exchange, however, can be expensive. It’s costly to start, costly to upgrade, it’s costly to maintain. Not to mention the headache’s caused by downtime from things beyond your control.

Hosted Exchange, changes the entire playing field. It gives you a fully managed Microsoft Exchange Service from secure, redundant, fully staffed data centers. You get all the benefits of Exchange without the capital outlay, on-going expense, and the hassle of constant maintenance.

Keep the mail flowing no matter what the circumstance and outsource the headaches. Whether inside a local network or outside the office, a full range of remote access options are all  possible.

Always stay current with the latest versions of Exchange and Outlook. Throw in benefits like advanced spam filtering, email archiving, and thorough backups at no additional charge and you’ve got the most up to date, feature rich, & redundant solution on the market. Budget your IT cost, don’t react to crisis capital expenditures.

Just like payroll services, Exchange is quickly becoming a commodity...It’s just not worth doing it yourself anymore. Technology should be taken advantage of, not the other way around.

  • Global Address List, Public Folders & Joint Calendaring
  • Latest Outlook Client (license) included
  • Web Access via OWA
  • Unlimited Email Archiving
  • Advanced Spam Filtering
  • Active Sync (Windows Mobile), Google Droid and iPhone
  • Works with your current domain name
  • Blackberry Server Add-on Available

Hosted Exchange


Data protection is often considered an IT expense, but we consider it to be business continuity insurance.  Your corporate information is important.  Is your current backup plan being executed?  Forgotten tape swaps, bad tapes, theft and many other unforeseen issues can put you at risk when a disaster strikes and your data is not recoverable.

With our secure off-site backup offerings, your data will be protected every day without anyone having to be involved.  Data is backed up to a secure offsite facility and mirrored to another facility out-of-state. Issues are reported in a timely and appropriate manor to allow us to see problems that could be developing. Restores are easy and efficient, and large restores can be accessed locally, or burned and shipped as you need.

Backup servers and workstations as desired. 


  • Client Side Agent
  • Automated/Scheduled Setup
  • TL Built-In Redundancy
  • Granular Restore (as small as an email)
  • Large Size restore at TL facilities if needed

No more tapes
Eliminate end user activity
Business Continuity Insurance

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