How to Avoid Being a Ransomware Hostage

ansomware, spyware, phishing schemes, and other Cyber attacks are commonplace in today’s world of technology. According to a recent article in Forbes, ransomware attacks grew at an accelerated pace in 2016 with reports of 638 million attacks, almost 200 times more than the number of ransomware attacks in 2015. Most experts agree that Ransomware attacks will continue to occur–so what can you do to avoid being a ransomware hostage?

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify your identity. These factors can include something you know (a username and password), plus something you have (like a smartphone app) to approve authentication requests.

Time Matters 16.1 Released – March 28, 2017

LexisNexis(R) released 16.1 of Time Matters(R) so finally we can upgrade many of our clients who have been waiting for the opportunity to upgrade. Many of you are still on older versions of Time Matters. Lately we have had several firms purchase new desktops or upgrade to Office 2016; their hardware and software are not compatible with their Time Matters version, forcing them to stop and get the upgrade done.

Attention – Adobe DC Update Breaks TM SAVE Function

A recent update to Adobe DC (2017.009.20044) is causing Adobe to prompt you to disable Protected mode at startup even though its already disabled. This issue does not allow the pdf document to be saved to TM using TM SAVE. Enabling/disabling the option nor re-firing the add-in seems to resolve the issue.

Is Your Network Ready for Cloud Backup?

Ransomware, Privacy Breach, Compliance requirements and Business Continuity make the case to protect your company’s data. Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas) require reliable network access to ensure your IT assets are backed up and available for rapid recovery.

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