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When we started our two attorney firm in 2004 after leaving a regional law firm, we contacted Pat Cunningham to assist us with our software decisions and implementation. Pat helped us choose the right software to meet our needs. We chose Time Matters® for practice management and document management, PCLaw™ for accounting, & HotDocs® for document generation. Pat installed and configured the software to meet our practice needs, and we were up and running quickly and efficiently. We were able to track time and produce invoices in the first few weeks. After a server failure, C&S LegalTech moved us to their hosted solution and took over management of our entire networking needs. Using the virtual network solution, we are able to easily work from any location. C&S is available whenever needed for advice, upgrades, additional training and support. C&S LegalTech is a valuable partner to our firm and we highly recommend their services.

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Nancy Hughes & Leah Scalise

Partners, Hughes & Scalise, P.C.

When we started our new firm in 2011, we contacted C&S LegalTech about software recommendations as well as hosted private cloud solutions.  Because of our location is near the Gulf Coast and subject to hurricanes and tornados, we wanted a cloud based system rather than in-house servers.  Pat Cunningham and her team were able to provide a hosted private cloud solution for us, install and configure our ProLaw software, and handle the conversion of data needed to get us operational quickly. C&S LegalTech supports and maintains our hosted servers and we are able to access our systems from anywhere. Lawyers and staff are extremely pleased with the services provided C&S LegalTech.

Helen Alford

Partner, Alford & Bolin LLC

I have a Social Security disability practice with a staff of four users in two offices. The Cloud environment has made work and communication between the two offices almost seamless. Case information, telephone messages, scheduling and mail flow to all users and is available at any desktop or mobile device. I’ve been able to meet and talk with clients in different environments – including a McDonald’s about 250 miles from my home office. The system is stable and available around the clock. Working with C&S LegalTech has been wonderful. It’s like having our own IT department. They respond quickly to questions and furnish good information and suggestions about IT issues. We are glad to recommend C&S LegalTech to any business considering entering the Cloud environment.


Dennis W. Oliver

Social Security Consultant

Our personal injury firm implemented Time Matters and PC Law in late 2008, however, we did not seek out a consultant until last year. We were referred to C&S LegalTech by a fellow attorney and immediately realized how much simpler our lives could have been had we contacted them earlier! Pat and Lela walked us through every step of the customization process. They trained our entire firm on database features we had neglected to use and ensured the customization was tailored to fit our firm’s needs. As a result, our case management system has improved, the automation of several tasks has increased productivity, and information is readily available because of the database’s reporting capabilities. C&S LegalTech continues to assist us on an as-needed basis and is highly recommended by our firm.

Tatiana Garcia

Practice Manager, Hull & Chandler, P.A.

Our firm had been using Time Matters for several years before we contacted C&S LegalTech for assistance with the merge of our offices databases in 2007. In 2010 we worked with C&S Legal to customize our Time Matters database to better handle the intake and management of our cases, and to automate the tasks related to those cases. After the new systems were in place, C&S LegalTech provided training for the entire office staff on how to use both the new forms and procedures, and assisted with creation of Time Matters® clipboards to automate production of documents as much as possible. This new system allows us to not only handle our heavy case load, but also provides me with the statistics I need as the Managing Partner on marketing, individual performance, and case status. C&S LegalTech also provides us with support on an as-needed basis, and handles our software updates when needed.

Chris Keith

Managing Partner, Wettermark & Keith LLC

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