Ever purchased new software and stopped using it shortly after?

Training is the key ingredient of any software implementation

You invest in practice management, accounting and document management systems expecting an increase in productivity and efficiency. BUT without proper training and support, those benefits are rarely realized to the fullest and your users will be frustrated with the software. By combining on-site training, floor support after training and continued remote web-based support, your project will be successful. We offer a wide variety of training options tailored to your needs and budget.


On-Site Training & Floor Support

C&S LegalTech offers training at your office one-on-one or as a group.  We schedule the classes to fit your needs and work with your schedules to lessen office disruptions. We find that having floor support available for staff once they complete training allows staff to immediately start using the software after class and enforces what they just learned in the classroom.


Web Training & Support

C&S LegalTech offers live, web-based remote training utilizing remote access and online meeting solutions. We can schedule sessions covering the areas in which you want more training. Web-based training is an excellent way to augment on-site training. Combining on-line training with on-site training makes it possible to achieve the highest level of learning, while maintaining a certain level of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

On Demand Support & Training

Using Remote Support Software we can easily connect to your computer to assist with a problem, show you how to use a feature, or to help answer your questions visually as they arise. Web-based support is billed at our normal hourly rates, but since there is no travel expense involved, you not only get your problems solved faster, but you save money too.

If you already have one of our supported systems in place, but feel you are not reaching its full potential, let us review your current system(s) and develop a plan for getting more use out of your system. Let us take you to that next level with customizations and training.

You can count on us! 

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