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Legal Practice Management Software

You can benefit from the features of Legal Practice Management Software today

Legal practice management software, frequently referred to as case management software, is not litigation support software, and it is not time and billing, although it does integrate with various accounting systems and helps you bill more time. The goal of practice management is to centralize all of the information that is relevant to your law firm including files, contacts, calendar, tasks, phone calls, emails, documents, time entries, and research into one easy to manage database. Legal practice management software, when properly installed and configured for your practice, gives you greater control over your practice.

Do you need legal practice management software? The answer is YES – regardless of whether you are a solo practitioner, large firm or corporate legal department, you can benefit from the features of practice management today. It’s more than managing critical dates – it is about organizing your business.

  • Contact and Client Management – A centralized system for managing client and contact information.
  • Matter and Project Management – Centrally organize contacts related to a file, organize documents, notes, events, to-do’s, phone calls and other information associated with a file. Information at your fingertips rather than in the file room.
  • Docketing, Calendaring and Scheduling – Shared calendars, scheduling, scheduling rules, automated tasks based on other events. Easily view calendars for the members of your team.
  • Document & Email Management – Attach all documents to your file, whether they are prepared by you, scanned or received by email. Integrations with Microsoft® Office, Outlook®, Adobe® and Word Perfect®.
  • Document Generation – Easily generate form documents and correspondence using document assembly features built into the practice management system, or link to HotDocs® for more advanced document generation, and much more.

We offer several legal practice management software solutions and will help you decide which one is best for your practice and budget.

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LawBase is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use case and matter management system designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your law office. LawBase is used by thousands of law office personnel across the country, ranging from solo practitioners to law firms with 750-plus attorneys and the legal departments of companies and government agencies. LawBase is entirely configurable, and easily adapts to the various needs of many departments or practice areas. LawBase organizes information and handles complex workflow processes better than any other solution on the market. LawBase integrates with your document management system, HotDocs, and accounting.

LexisNexis® Time Matters®

With amazing customization capabilities, Time Matters retains its status as a practice management market leader. See how your law firm can benefit from the innovative and comprehensive, yet easy-to-use practice information management tools in Time Matters.  Time Matters gives you a centralized repository of information and integrates with business software such as Microsoft Outlook®, Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat. Time Matters also integrates with popular time/billing solutions such as PCLaw, TABS3, Timeslips, Quickbooks and Juris. Use Time Matters to run your firm’s operations more effectively than ever before.

LexisNexis® PCLaw™

Widely used for its legal-specific Time, Billing and Accounting system, PCLaw™ now includes practice management features such as shared calendars, notes, phone call management, document management and contact management.  By combining  front and back office into one product, PCLaw™ gives you the tools to increase productivity and manage your financial information in one easy to use system.  PCLaw™ includes integration with Microsoft Office products and Outlook, as well as PCLaw™ Mobility.



If your law firm needs help with legal practice management software, contact us today.

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