C&S LegalTech proudly announces its new Partnership with LegalAnywhere, the market leader in law firm collaboration. LegalAnywhere offers both a client portal (LegalAnywhereConnect) and intranet portal (FirmConnect) designed specifically for law firms.



LegalAnywhereConnect provides a secure and organized space to collaborate on legal matters from any device, from simple file sharing to deal rooms and more complex collaboration with your clients. LegalAnywhereConnect tightly integrates with several document management systems and is used for deal rooms and collaboration needs that go beyond the simple file sharing utilities that you may currently be using. Securely share, access, edit, track, manage and control folders and documents.



FirmConnect is the only secure intranet portal available that allows your firm to quickly deploy an intranet with intelligent forms and workflows. FirmConnect provides partners, associates and staff a centralized location for all firm data, with anytime access. It’s quick to set up, easy to deploy and requires no software development.

These products allow small to mid-size law firms to have the ability to quickly deploy a client portal or intranet portal with all of the advanced workflow options that larger firms have to custom develop on their own.

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