In our search for the “best” matter management system, we discovered LawBase from Synaptic Software – a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use case/matter management system designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your law office. LawBase is designed to fit the way you do business, not the other way around. With the ability to custom design your own database screens, you have the ability to use pertinent vocabulary, organization and presentation styles.  Most importantly, you decide what information is relevant to your practice.

SMART FOLDERS – group files and matters in any manner you desire. Create smart folders to track cases by attorney, by subject, or any other information in your system. Smart folders are appropriately named, because as you add new data that meet the criteria you specify, they will include the appropriate data – no need to worry about “filing” data properly.

CASE NOTES – quick and easy way to track activity on a file allowing an unlimited amount of free form text to be entered.

CONTACTS – customizable electronic address book. Easily link contacts to matters.

DOCKETING – easily track all appointments and tasks in your email calendar application as well as in the matter file or calendar view.

DOCUMENT ASSEMBLY – intelligently produce personalized documents with a few keystrokes with HotDocs integration. Easily create notes and tasks each time a document is produced.

WORKFLOW – automatically perform multiple steps in a single process with LawBase. Basically, any realistic process that needs to happen consistently on a regular basis can be defined and automated, including sending messages to users, popping up notification windows, creating documents, adding calendar item, and creating a workflow summary.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT – Rather than develop their own document management, LawBase has developed interfaces with best of breed document management applications, including Worldox, Autonomy, Open Text, and more.

TIME, BILLING & ACCOUNTING – LawBase has developed interfaces with most accounting systems, including Elite, Juris, Tabs3, PCLaw, Quickbooks and many more.

REPORTING – great reporting tools, integration with third-party reporting tools, dashboards, queries, and more. This includes the ability to create an automated “audit” trail of all changes made to both the program and any data in the system.

If you are looking for a practice management system, or unhappy with your current solution, contact us for a demo of LawBase – you will be blown away with its capabilities!

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