The compelling case for Hosted Exchange/Outlook 365

Today’s businesses absolutely depend on email to communicate, market, and transfer information. We take for granted how ingrained and essential email is to our daily routine and company work product and services.

If your company is still using POP or IMAP email (the kind of email that comes with your internet providers service, like, /or or /, etc.), or you have your own Domain (which is essential) and are using POP or IMAP, then it’s time to move to the Business standard of Exchange email. If I was writing this blog 3+ years ago, then the costs and time and upkeep to have an in office exchange server would be cost prohibited for most small businesses, and this article not be written.

However, with the Hosted Exchange model of outlook email, small businesses can have excellent, secure, and synchronized email (and calendar and contacts) available on every PC/Mac, smartphone or device that you use to check your email…. And at an annual cost that is less than the average monthly cable bill. Let me give you 5 reasons to go to hosted Exchange.

1.   Initial Cost: With $0.00 hardware or software costs, moving to a Hosted Exchange server is very cost effective. Hosted Exchange works with 3 to 3000+ emails

2.   Predictable Budget: When your business uses on a Hosted Exchange server from C&S Legal Tech, your service package will remain at the same low, monthly rate ($7-$15 per month per email address), so you’ll never see additional / or unexpected charges. Any upgrade or maintenance that needs to be performed on the physical hardware that supports your exchange server will be handled by us—no need for you to ever pay for hardware / software upgrades or replacement.

3.  Physical Space: Having a local Exchange server requires a server room to store all of your hardware, which is generally costly and requires IT support to implement and maintain. With a Hosted Exchange server, you don’t have to worry about the hardware that’s storing all of your data, because it’s kept off-premise and out of your hair.

4.   Wireless Synchronization and more: Hosting your email on a Microsoft Exchange Server with C&S Legal Tech offers you more than just email. It comes with fully-managed calendaring, contacts and task organization – all in one easy-to-access place, and webmail access, which allows you to access your email from any web browser. With Hosted exchange any device you use to read / respond and create email, will be exactly the same on all your devices, giving you the tools to power through your work day feeling more organized and productive. Hosted Exchange allows you to synchronize your data with all major mobile devices. Access your email, calendars and contacts with your phone or tablet to never miss an important message or meeting while on the go.

5.   Security, Redundancy, Spam Filtering and backup: All of your information is incredibly secure when hosted by C&S Legal Tech. Not only will we be monitoring the servers that store your data 24/7 to ensure its

protection, but it’s also protected by a cloud-based email continuity service, meaning that email is automatically forwarded to this service as soon as an outage is detected to preserve your data no matter what happens in the real world. Power outages, natural disasters, and a slew of other issues can affect hardware and other server components, but with our digital protection, your information is always safe and available when you need to access it.

If you would like to find out more about or Hosted Exchange services (as well as other C&S Legal Tech hosted services), please call or click here to contact us, and we will get you the information you need to move up to the email industry standard for a surprisingly small cost.

Rick Prince, PCG

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