The Worldox® Citrix® ShareFile integration facilitates direct interaction between Worldox and the ShareFile system. With it, you can easily and securely share files with users within or outside of your organization across corporate devices, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Worldox Citrix ShareFile enables you to send emails to users with links to documents for secure download. You can also use the Citrix® ShareFile web site to access your extranet. In extranet mode you can simply drag files from Worldox to the desired folder in your ShareFile extranet. It’s a simple a drag and drop process.

Note: You manage and control accesses to your Citrix® ShareFile extranet though the ShareFile Web site. Files can then be transferred from Worldox to ShareFile by dragging and dropping files from the Worldox interface to the drop targets in Sharefile.

Citrix® ShareFile on its own has many benefits for lawfirms, including Outlook plugins offering easy encryption and file sharing.  Share files easily and securely.   There are also addons for Right Signature to assist with getting signature on those key documents quickly and securely.

If you already have Worldox, let’s review add on products that are available to solve other business and security needs.  If you don’t have Worldox, let’s schedule a time to see why you should.

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