Worldox GX4’s new Active Profiling capability takes document and email management to the next level.  The redesigned user interface and functionality enables your staff to save and retrieve content more efficiently than ever.

Filing emails has never been easier since Worldox GX4 actively monitors incoming and outgoing emails with heuristics, assigns client matter information and adds folders in Outlook that correlate to your Worldox Favorite Matters.

The redesigned interface features an executive theme that allows you to view up to three times more documents on the screen than previously available. You can quick sort options by doc type, date and category, making locating documents a breeze.

Full search functionality is provided from the Microsoft Office toolbar. Quickly locate Favorites, QuickSaves, matter documents and perform full searches without leaving Word or Excel.

Follow Me Favorite TM technology knows which files you worked on recently and then presents these choices for quick filing and navigation. Favorite Matters now follow you into Outlook, automatically creating drag and drop folders for quick and easy profiling of emails.

Categories have been substantially beefed up. Categories appear as a field choice when you save a document. Categories can be defined by a user, the firm or can be folder-based, so it is easy to define categories for a specific matter.

All new mobility tools allow easy and effortless document access when working remotely. Newly redesigned web and iOS apps have minimal learning curves and allow you to seamlessly continue your work from any location.

Is it time to migrate to full document management? Call us today for a demo of Worldox Gx4.

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